Pat Wingert is an award-winning reporter who has spent the last 25 years at Newsweek Magazine covering a wide variety of domestic policy issues, including education, health, children, families, demographics, social trends, politics, crime and the military. She hopes to use her Spencer Fellowship to learn more about the science of learning, and how the country can use education research to improve science and math instruction.

Before coming to Newsweek, Wingert worked as a reporter at both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times, including a stint as legendary Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Mike Royko’s legman. She was also the editor of the student newspaper at the University of Illinois-Urbana.

Along with her Newsweek colleague Barbara Kantrowitz, Wingert is the co-author of The Menopause Book (originally published in 2007 as Is It Hot in Here? Or Is It Me?). The book was a finalist for the Quill Award for best health book of 2007 and one of the Library Journal’s Best Consumer Health books. Wingert and Kantrowitz were also the 2009 winners of the Endocrine Society’s Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism, and the longtime coauthors of’s Her Body column.

She lives in Washington DC with her husband, Brian Kelly, the editor of US News, and their three children.

Published Work:
Making a Better Science Teacher
Pat Wingert studied the nation’s math and science teaching reforms during her year as a Spencer Fellow. Her work was published in the August, 2012 edition of Scientific American.

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