Fabiola Cineas is a reporter at Vox where she has covered race, policy, and culture since 2020. 

Her work includes an examination of the fights surrounding critical race theory, social emotional learning, affirmative action, teaching history, and AP African American studies. Fabiola has also looked at the coronavirus’s early impact on Black communities and policies such as baby bonds and federal universal pre-K. As a host of the Emmy-nominated YouTube originals series Glad You Asked, she explored meritocracy, mental health, housing, and implicit bias in various episodes. As a host for Vox’s Missing Chapter video series, she helped produce a mini documentary about Māori people’s fight for reparations in New Zealand that won an Online Journalism Award for longform digital video storytelling.

 Before joining Vox, Cineas was an editor and writer at Philadelphia magazine, where she led the publication’s coverage of the city’s innovation scene. She kicked off her career in journalism as an education reporter for the Philadelphia Public School Notebook and Chalkbeat New York. Before launching her career in journalism, she taught seventh-graders in Camden, New Jersey through Teach for America. 

As a Spencer Fellow, Fabiola will take a close look at how the conservative push to remake public education is changing school environments and potentially violating student civil rights.