Antonio Gois has been an education reporter in Brazil since 1996. He writes a weekly column about education for O Globo newspaper, one of Brazil’s largest, and is also a consultant and education columnist at the cable channel “Futura.” He appears on CBN-Rio radio station weekly as a commentator on education issues.

His Spencer supported book on school leadership in North and South America, Líderes na escola, was published in 2020 by Fundaçao Santillana/Moderna.

Gois has twice won Brazil’s highest journalism honor, the Esso Journalism Prize, for stories about education. One of these stories was about schools in poor areas with excellent results and involved a deep investigation on school data in order to find those schools and identify common practices. The second prize was for a series of articles about schools in violent areas in Brazil and how this affected students’ outcomes and school climate.

Gois is founder and the first president of Jeduca, the Brazilian Association of Education Journalists at Launched in June of 2016, the project was inspired by the Education Writers Association in the U.S. In 2010-2011, Gois was a fellow at the Knight-Wallace program at University of Michigan, where he studied school evaluation.

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