Peg Tyre is the author of two bestselling books on education, The Trouble With Boys and The Good School. She began her research for The Good School after being awarded a Spencer Fellowship in 2009-2010. She co-taught the “covering education” course with Barbara Kantrowitz at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in 2010-2011.A lifelong journalist, she has covered education and social trends for fifteen years and mostly recently, her work has been published in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Salon and For seven years, she was a feature writer at Newsweek. She began her career covering crime, organized crime and domestic terrorism for a newspaper and later, worked as an on-air correspondent for CNN.

She currently serves as director of strategy for the Edwin Gould Foundation, which focuses on getting low-income students to and through college. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, novelist and television writer Peter Blauner. They have two sons.